About the 4U program

How does it work?

  • Leave your used or unused Care Plus® products behind at your travel destination
  • Do this by talking to local people, an MD or a school and hand over your Care Plus® products
  • Capture this moment on video or photo and write a blogpost, tweet or Facebook update
  • Upload your blogpost to our special platform www.4U-from.me.

Share your Care Plus® products

  • As a well prepared traveller the following products should be in your luggage:
    • depending on your destination: impregnated mosquito net
    • UV-protecting and mosquito proof clothing
    • impregnated socks
    • First aid-kit

Imagine how thankfull the local people will be when you share your products with them before returning home! Add some extra space in your luggage and leave your Care Plus® products behind!

Do you need advice for travel pharmacy for your next trip? Check the travel pharmacy web application and iPhone application.

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